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The LiceSafe®

The new LiceSafe® was designed by the inventors of the famous 'Luizenzakken®' or Lice Bags, and it provides maximum protection against a head-lice epidemic. The LiceSafe® is more effective and easier to use than any other product currently available and is also the least expensive and most durable product on the market when it comes to preventing head lice.

Totally Isolates

Unlike many other products, the LiceSafe® seals completely from top to bottom. Head lice often spread through direct contact by touching, for instance, when children put their heads together, use the same cushions, pillows or soft toys etc. Head lice crawl upwards usually from collar to collar on coat pegs, but they may also spread when coat bottoms touch or when coats fall on the ground. To prevent this, it is advisable to keep coats in school cloakrooms completely isolated from each other.


Is resistant to bacterial (fungal) growth.

LiceSafe® is made from polypropylene, also known as PP. PP is a material that is resistant to bacterial growth and is therefore frequently used in medical products, such as surgical masks, surgical clothing, disposable syringes and other medical equipment. But PP is also permeable, so mould will not develop on damp items put into a LiceSafe. Head lice, however, cannot penetrate PP.


Is extremely Strong.

From experience, we know that playful children will pull or swing on a LiceSafe® with all their strength. So the LiceSafe® was designed with that in mind and is therefore virtually indestructible. A wide nylon strip runs across the entire length of the back of the LiceSafe and at the top it passes through a solid steel D-ring which is used to hang the LifeSafe on a coat peg. This ultra-tough PP material is also reinforced with nylon webbing at the bottom, which also prevents the zip from tearing. The LiceSafe is as "safe" as it can get!


Using it is child's play.

Some of the other products currently available are quite difficult for young children to use. They struggle for quite a while to cover up their coats properly. Children, parents and teachers too, find this clumsiness irritating and eventually the children give up trying. LiceSafe's simplicity is indisputable: there's no need to even remove the LiceSafe® from the coat peg, so both hands are free to: "Open the zip, put in the coat, then close the zip again." Job done! In just a couple of seconds. The handy loops on the zip tab and at the bottom of the zip make things even simpler. 


The LiceSafe®is cheap.

Well, now for the price! The new, cheap LiceSafe® is the perfect solution for schools and day-care centres as other head-lice prevention methods are too expensive for these institutions with only limited funds. The new LiceSafe® is just so inexpensive that no other available product can beat it for price!


De LiceSafe® is Environmentally- Friendly.

The LiceSafe®'s entire production process is controlled by a single factory and manufacturing is carried out in a socially-responsible way. The polypropylene used to make the LiceSafe is made partly of recycled raw materials and the end product can be totally recycled. The LiceSafe® complies fully with European guidelines regarding the agreed adaptation of statutory and administrative legal regulations by Member States as far as the marketing and use of specified hazardous materials and chemicals is concerned.


Specifications of the LiceSafe:

·       LiceSafe is fitted with a metal D-Ring that fits just about all institutional coat pegs and will not fall off.

·       A sturdy band (webbing) of approx. 1.5 cm in width runs along the entire length of the back of the bag to form a super strong link to the D-ring.

·       The small loop attached to the zip tag makes it easy to use, so even young children can easily open and close the LiceSafe zip.

·       The owners of the Licebags® trademark have gained plenty of experience at various institutions in the fight against head lice. All this expertise was incorporated into the design of this brand-new, innovative product, the LiceSafe!

·       The LiceSafe can be hermetically sealed by using the sturdy nylon zip, which is impenetrable to lice but very easy to use.

·       A card with a name or picture can be inserted into the window pocket to make the LiceSafe easily recognisable to its owner.

·       The top and bottom of the zip are reinforced with wide nylon webbing to keep it strong and to prevent the zip ends from tearing.

·       Holding the loop while pulling makes it easier to open and close the zip.