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Lice live close to the scalp of your head. When they arrive, they feed on your blood, this causes the skin to itch. A HeadLice cannot jump, fly or swim. It can, however, move in your hair. You can only spread head lice by direct head to head contact. This is the reason why lice is so contagious and regurlarly found with children. Lice only exists in human hair and it does not distinguish between dirty or clean hair.

Treatment with XTLuis
When louse has been found, it is essential that everyone that has been in contact with the person that has head lice, check themselves to see if they also have it. The infected person must the be treated agaist the Head Lice. The lice will not go away over time!

Aside from the constant combing of the hair and the removing of the lice 1 by 1, there are several delouse products on the market. XTLuis is a anti-louse spray which does not contain any pesticides. XTLuis is available as a lotion, on a basis of dimeticon, which is a registered pharmaceitical. Furthermore, it is available as a spray.

XTLuis works on a basis of dimethicone, a silicone composition, which encloses and kills the lice. The agent is applied to dry hair, and within 15 minutes the head lice are no longer able to survive.

  -Easy to Apply
  -Can be used while swimming
  -XTLuis is suitable for everyone from 6 months old
  -Effective, reliable and easy to use!
  -Contains no Pesticides
  -No resistance possible.

XTLuis Spray is a medical spray.

*Read the users manual before use.
**Read the instructions before use.

Photo: The opening of a Louse.

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