Having no head lice is better than having to cure it! If you take simple steps to eliminate the change of getting head lice, you do not have comb or shampoo your hair.
In short,if you take preventative steps against louse, it saves you a lot of time trying to get rid of it. As a preventive measure, we have the 
luizenzak and lice spray. When these products 
are used the risk of infection is driven to a minimum, even when the spreading happens in your vicinity.


Discovered Head Lice?

Against head lice there are many different products to use. Each product has its own advantage and disadvantage. You can, for example, treat the person with louse, with lice shampoo or lice combs. You have shampoos and combs in many varieties.

On our website you will find the products that are rated the best in its section. With the selection of the products, we have looked at the effectiveness, health risks and of course the price of the products.

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