A smart and easy way to remove lice is with the use of a Electrical Lice Comb.

Removing lice has never been so simple as with a electric lice comb. This is a new generation of the normal everyday lice comb's. It is an electronic way of killing head lice. The method is 100% safe and much healthier as there are not chemical solutions needed.

An electric lice comb works through a battery which, gives off a little stream of electricity between the teeth of the comb.This current is not felt by humans and harmless to us. However for a louse this electrical shock is immediately lethal. A good comparison is an electronic fly swatter.

An electric lice comb does not only destroy adult louse but also "baby" lice, this way the life cycle of the lice is removed. In addition to killing lice, an electric lice comb can also act as a detection device for head lice. 

Advantages of a Electric Lice Comb:

Removal of lice, both mature and immature;

Useful monitoring tool for the whole family to detect lice;

One-Time purchase, you do not need to keep buying one;

additional cleaning and washing can be omitted.

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