Licebag with Name - Stitched.
Personalise the Licebag or LiceSafe with  unique embroidery.
You can customize your stitching to meet any specification you want. Make your bag unique with your name and a special type of letter, colour and a framework.
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Luizencape met naam
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Luizencape met naam
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GymBag with Name
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Costs for this Stitching?
The costs for this stitching are  9,50, costs for a special framework around the name are  3,50.

A Licebag with name in total costs  12,00 and if you chose to have one with a name and special frame the total costs are  15,50.

A LiceSafe with name is  17,00 and if you chose to have one with name and framework the total cost is  20,50.
What is the delivery time?
The delivery time for a Licebag or LiceSafe with name can take up to 1 week.
How do I order?
Step 1 - Click here >> to choose a model,
Step 2 - Type the name or text you want to have stitched,
Step 3 - Select the colour you want,
Step 4 - Select the letter type,
Step 5 - Select a special framework to personalize the bag even more. (step is optional).
Step 6 - Click on the bottom, confirm, to place the customized bag into the shopping cart.
Step 7 - Click on the button, check out, to finish your order or click on, continue shopping, to shop more products.
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