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Wat is de functie van de LiceSafe?

The LiceSafe stops the spread of head lice. It prevents a whole school of children who don't have head lice from becoming infected by just one child who does. Therefore using the LiceSafe can prevent an outbreak of head lice at schools, day-care centres etc. The LiceSafe then acts as a preventative measure. If a child with head lice uses a LiceSafe, the head lice will not spread as they are contained within the bag, which is a step in the right direction.

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Wat kost de LiceSafe?

The LiceSafe is incredibly cheap and will be even cheaper the more you order, so it pays to think in advance and place one large order instead of several small orders, which also saves on shipping costs. 

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Vanaf welk aantal kan ik de LiceSafe bestellen?

The LiceSafe comes in packets of 10 per colour, but if you would like less you can also order per bag up to a maximum of 49 pieces of any colour.

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Waar kan ik de LiceSafe kopen?

Hoofdluizen.info is a wholesalers that sells mainly to consumers and smaller grades inside of schools. The LiceSafe can only be ordered online, directly from this website. For bigger orders you can visit luizenzakken.nl or licesafe.nl.

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Wanneer kan ik de LiceSafe in huis hebben

Or aim is to supply LiceSafe the whole year round from the stock we have available. As soon as we receive your payment, we will ensure your ordered items are sent to you immediately. The delivery time for stitched bags takes approximately 1 week.

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Kan ik de LiceSafe wassen?

Yes, the LiceSafe can be washed at 30C (86F). First, turn the bag inside-out to protect the print and the transparent name pocket. Only wash the LiceSafe when it is soiled, do NOT wash it in order to kill lice and/or nits.

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Wat zijn de afmetingen van de LiceSafe?

The LiceSafe has the same dimensions as the LiceBags, which are 50cm wide and 65cm tall.

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Waarom kan de LiceSafe aan de kapstok blijven hangen?

The space between coat pegs is often no more than about 15 cm. When a lice bag of 50 cm in width hangs on a coat peg and the bag is opened it could come into contact with more than one coat and/or with lice bags hanging next to it. But LiceSafe solves this problem! A 6-cm metal ring is attached to the top of the LiceSafe and the bag only opens in the middle, so it has been designed in such a way that it does not come into contact with any bags hanging next to it. That is why the LiceSafe can simply hang on a coat peg and does not need to be removed to put in or take out a coat or other clothing.

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Wat is de levensduur van de LiceSafe?

When designing the LiceSafe, we did our best to make the bag as strong and as durable as possible. It is made of high-quality, strong materials, the hanging system is virtually indestructible and there are no loose parts that can get lost. Depending on how it is handled, the LiceSafe is a product that can be used for many years.

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Kan de LiceSafe ook stuk?

Een stiksel is net zo sterk als het garen waarmee het is gestikt! Zoals dit bij elk geconfectioneerd textielproduct het geval is, kunnen stiksels door overmatige belasting gaan scheuren , een lipje kan van een ritstrekker af breken, een ritssluiting gaat door overmatige belasting stuk en ook het plastik naamvenstertje kan moeiteloos van een Licesafe worden afgetrokken. Het antwoord op de vraag is dus ja, ook de LiceSafe kan stuk!
Kinderen hebben de neiging om bij het in- uitnemen van de jas in de geopende rits te gaan hangen of deze met teveel geweld uit elkaar te trekken. Hierdoor kunnen stiksels of de ritssluiting beschadigen. Mutsen en wanten behoren in de Licesafe te worden opgeborgen, maar schooltassen of rugzakken horen er niet in thuis. Om zo lang mogelijk probleemloos gebruik te kunnen blijven maken van de Licesafe is het belangrijk de kinderen voor een juist gebruik te instrueren en te laten zien hoe ermee om te gaan.

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Van welk materiaal zijn is de LiceSafe gemaakt?

The LiceSafe is made of polypropylene also known as PP. During the manufacture of PP, a certain amount of recycled raw materials were used and the end product can be totally recycled. PP is resistant to bacterial growth and is therefore frequently used in medical products, such as surgical masks, surgical clothing, disposable syringes and other medical equipment. PP is also permeable, so mould will not develop on damp coats placed inside the LiceSafe. Head lice, however, cannot penetrate polypropylene.

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In welke kleuren is de LiceSafe beschikbaar?

The LiceSafe is available in lime green and bright blue and Pink.

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Hoe herken ik mijn LiceSafe aan de kapstok?

On the front of the LiceSafe there is a clear transparent pocket. A card (changeable) with a name, picture or some other illustration for easy identification can be inserted into the pocket, so even the youngest children will be able to recognize their own LiceSafe bag.

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Hoe krijg ik de binnenzijde van mijn LiceSafe luisvrij?

When a child with head lice uses the LiceSafe, the lice and nits will be isolated within the bag itself and cannot spread. Should a LiceSafe bag come into contact with an infected child, we advise you not to use the LiceSafe for a week and with no blood or dandruff to live on the lice will die within 3 days and the nits within 5 days. Alternatively, you can put the LiceSafe in the freezer overnight and it will be ready for use gain the next day.

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Heb ik garantie op de LiceSafe?

Obviously, we guarantee that your new, unused LiceSafe will not be damaged in any way. Should a LiceSafe bag supplied to you have manufacturing faults, it will be replaced immediately and at our expense for up to 12 months after the invoice date. We are not responsible for any wear and tear of LiceSafe bags through usage.

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