Users Manual
What are the features of the Caremaxx?
The Caremaxx electronic head lice comb effectively eliminates head lice without having to resort to chemical means. It works by creating an electric charge between the teeth that kills off the lice and their eggs on contact. The electric charge is so small that users will not notice it; it is absolutely save to use. 

How often should I use the Caremaxx Electrical Lice Comb?
Use the Caremaxx daily for approximately two weeks to be sure that all the louse have been removed. To decrease the change of another lice infection, we recommend to use the comb once a week as a preventive measure after the two weeks.

What kind of battery do I need to put into the Caremaxx?
1 battey: 1,5 Volt AA LR6, This battery comes standard with the Caremaxx upon purchase.

How do I clean the Caremaxx Electrical Lice Comb?
Regular cleaning and good maintenance ensures optimum results and extend the life of your unit. Clean the head lice comb carefully after each use, particularly if it is used by more than one person. Remove the batteries before you clean the unit. To clean the housing, use a dry, soft paper or fabric cloth. To clean the comb teeth, use the included cleaning brushDo not use any strong detergents for cleaning, e.g. scouring cream or other cleaning agents, as they may damage the surface of the unit. When cleaning, never immerse the unit in water and make sure that no water gets into the unit. 
Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight and protect it from dirt and moisture.
Remove the batteries from the unit if you do not plan on using it again anytime in the near future. Otherwise, the batteries may start leaking. Store the unit in a clean, dry and cool location. 

How do I operate the Lice Comb?
The electronic lice comb may only be used on dry hair. If necessary, detangle your hair and undo any knots or braids prior to using the comb. To switch off the unit, slide the On/Off switch forward. A high-pitched humming sound indicates that the unit is in operation.Position the comb at a 45° - 90° angle and guide it slowly through your hair. While you are combing your hair, the hum will briefly stop whenever the teeth make contact with a louse or egg. If the humming sound does not return, the comb teeth are clogged. Switch the comb off. Use the small cleaning brush , that is integrated in the end of the handle, to clean the teeth . Continue combing your hair. Allow enough time to thoroughly comb your hair. Don’t forget to switch off the unit after you are done and to clean it thoroughly. When not in use, always put the protective cap back on the unit. Since the Caremaxx electronic head lice comb is particularly effective against adult lice, continue using the comb for about 2 weeks to ensure that you eliminate all lice.To prevent the return of lice, we recommend that you use the electronic head lice comb once a week as a precautionary measure. 
You can supplement the application of your electronic head lice comb by using a chemical agent. 

What is the warranty on the Caremaxx Lice Comb?
3 years from the date of purchase. This covers defects in material or workmanship.

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